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Currently we are only seeing clients one day a week in the office. Please use the Square booking tool or give us a call!

Teletherapy is a great, convenient way to get some help on the go, or without going at all. It's convenient, easy, and effective.

We offer teletherapy through Zoom and/or TherapyPortal. I will send you a link to help you get set up before our session begins.

What we do.

Blue Skies Counseling is built on the principle that we all want to be happy with "blue skies ahead", but sometimes we need some help. Our team of qualified clinicians help our clients overcome trauma, depression, anxiety, adjustment, relationship and/or communication issues with a partner, and women who have been feeling the effects of divorce and/or betrayal.

Not everyone recognizes their trauma, but we all have experienced trauma in one form or another. If you have trouble sleeping, have recurrent memories or flashbacks, avoidant behavior or you jump frequently when startled, you probably have some trauma.

Our EMDR therapists have been trained in using EMDR for trauma, depression, anxiety, self esteem and addiction. It really works, and we love it (and you'll love it) because you don't have to rehash your trauma with us.

Divorce is it's own kind of trauma, and we are creating a support group for women who have been through or are currently going through divorce/betrayal. Make sure to email us if you would like to be on the waitlist.

We haven't forgotten the terrible effects of Covid-19. Whether you need to talk, find solutions, discover some coping skills, learn new behaviors or need help accessing resources, we can help.

Relief is in Sight!

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